Important Things to Know About Dentures

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Missing teeth is never a pleasant experience. Aside from its physical effects, tooth loss can also affect a person psychologically and socially. Fortunately, one particular dental appliance has been serving as a favorable solution to people by replacing their lost teeth—Dentures.

Despite its availability for several years already, there are still some things about dentures that are not too clear to some people. That said, we at Today’s Dental prepared a list of things people need to know before getting the said prosthesis. Continue reading below.


Certain things must be avoided

When cleaning dentures, patients must choose the right products to use, for example, denture cleaners. Some cleaners can be harmful to the soft lining or metal components of dentures. Picking the right one makes a difference in keeping the healthy state of the oral appliance.

Identify problems early

Patients should be vigilant of their oral health, especially if they are wearing dentures. Dentures that don’t stay in place or move around the mouth, as well as pain and constant bad breath, are signs that indicate the need to see the dentist. Dentures that don’t fit right may allow food to get stuck between the gums and the teeth which may eventually lead to infection.

Dentures must be kept clean

Patients should clean dentures as often as they do with real teeth since the said prosthesis served as a replacement for the original structures. Cleaning the appliance twice a day is necessary for them to avoid developing gum inflammation or infections.

Protect dentures from stains

Just like real teeth, dentures can also change in color due to substances with stain-causing properties. To avoid this, it is ideal for patients to make a few lifestyle changes. However, if dentures have already discolored, address the concern to a dentist for proper actions.

Do not perform self-repair

It is never a good idea for patients to repair dentures on their own. Once the metal attachments bend, they begin to weaken. Although there are over the counter denture repair kits, they can actually cause more harm than good. For best results, let the dental professional perform the repair.

Not everyone can get dentures

Before a patient can have their dentures created, several factors must first be considered like their age, job, and overall oral health. Knowing these allows the dentist to know whether a patient can benefit from dentures or other treatments.

Do not miss out on life because of tooth loss; consider getting Dentures in Hillsboro, OR! We at Today’s Dental can help determine if the said oral appliance is ideal for your needs. Call or visit us at 570 SE Baseline St., Hillsboro, OR 97123 for your initial consultation.