Three Effective Tips in Managing Dental Anxiety

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Do you feel anxious at the thought of visiting your dentist? If so, you should know that experiencing this is normal. A large number of people have at least some degree of fear and anxiety regarding dental visits. Some individuals even have severe anxiety to the point that it can be classified as a phobia. The causes of dental fear and anxiety vary, as well as the intensity of the symptoms. It is best to communicate with us here at Today’s Dental, so we can take the necessary steps to address your concerns effectively. We offer Sedation Dentistry options, including laughing gas, oral sedation, IV sedation, and general sedation for our patients who feel uncomfortable and nervous during dental procedures. Below we listed three useful tips that will help make your overall dental experience go as smoothly as possible.

dental anxiety


Bring someone with you during the appointment

Bringing someone with you during your dental appointment, this will give you an extra layer of support and assurance. May it be a friend or a family member, having someone familiar can make you feel more comfortable. If possible, ask your dentist if your companion can be with you during the procedure.

Ask your dentist some questions 

Did you know that fearing the unknown can trigger your dental anxiety? If your dentist or hygienist uses a tool that scares you or suggests a treatment you don’t know anything about, ask them questions. Once you know the things to expect, you can feel more assured and comfortable when the scheduled procedure comes.

Think positively and keep yourself distracted

Positive thoughts are useful. If you can think of your happy place in your mind, it can decrease your anxiousness about your upcoming dental appointment. Aside from that, try to distract yourself in terrifying moments. You can do this by reciting the alphabet backward or conjugating verbs in a foreign language. Distracting yourself can help you relax.


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