The Consequences of Ignoring Emergency Dental Care

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Contrary to what others believe, dental emergencies can be as serious as medical concerns that need immediate attention. If patients experience dental troubles, it is best to seek urgent care than wait for the pain to go away. Believe it or not, if oral issues are left unattended, they can lead to severe consequences that can put one’s overall health on the line.

At Today’s Dental, we understand how vital dental attention is; that is why our practice caters to same-day emergency appointments, and Friday visits even if most offices in the area are closed. We want our patients to perceive it this way, that is why we have prepared some of the possible consequences if emergency dental care is ignored.

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Most people tend to think that the pain in their teeth will eventually pass. Although toothache will disappear after a while, it does not mean that the problem is fixed. If emergency attention is not sought, the condition may get worse. The patient may be feeling pain due to exposed nerves, growth of abscess, or infection. Aside from getting relief from pain, seeking emergency dental assistance prevents these issues from developing in the first place.

Damage to the tooth nerves

The presence of pain can be a good thing since it serves as a warning sign that dental attention is required. However, once the nerves are damaged, this natural security system stops working. As a result, the pulp inside the tooth becomes at risk of infection. And without the necessary treatment, the tooth loses its sensation, so the patient won’t know that there is already a serious issue. Unfortunately, this can lead to missing teeth and medical problems like an infection in the bone or bloodstream.

Bacterial infection

The teeth are coated with a protective layer that keeps them strong while also preventing bacteria and food debris from entering the vulnerable portion of the tooth. Just like most parts of the body, the teeth also have a tissue that is susceptible to infection. If the protective coating becomes damaged or decayed, access to the soft, vulnerable area opens. Once bacteria gets inside, it can enter the blood or cause the development of an abscess. It is never a good idea to ignore a tooth infection as it can potentially become life-threatening once it accesses the bloodstream.

Permanent damage to teeth

If any dental troubles are experienced, it is best not to delay professional assistance to save the teeth. If decay or infection is present, treating the problem becomes more complicated. Delaying dental attention can lead to permanent damage and loss of teeth. If an issue is addressed to a dentist promptly, they can perform the necessary actions to save the teeth and prevent oral problems from worsening.


Even if a tooth hurts just a little to cause worry, it is best to see a dentist since it can still take a turn for the worse if left unattended. What are you waiting for, take advantage of our Emergency Dentistry in Hillsboro, OR! Call or visit us at Today’s Dental to get started.